Angus ‘organic’ Moss Remover


Angus Moss Remover contains beneficial bacteria, Bacillus subtilis spp. They are incorporated in a sporulated form to ensure long shelf life. Once the fertiliser is applied and moisture and temperature levels are suitable the spores will change into a vegetative bacterial form and begin to multiply and colonise plant roots.


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Remove moss organically for a beautiful lawn.

Formulated with high potassium content for early spring or late autumn application ensuring healthy green grass and reduced moss content. Organic nutrients take longer to break down than most conventional fertilisers and nutrients applied are better utilised by the plant with less leaching and increased nutrient availability.

  • Reduced dust formulations for cleaner application
  • 2-4mm granule size for easy application
  • Non staining of hard surfaces
  • Organo/mineral formulation for staged nutrient release
  • Contains beneficial bacteria that will reduce thatch and any dead moss
  • Extended nutrient availability with slow release organic constituents
  • Homogenous for even nutrient distribution
  • Supplies organic matter and humus to the root zone improving the microbial environment
  • Production of enzymes
  • Decomposes organic matter
  • Reduces thatch (Increase air availability into the root zone benefiting root development)
  • Protects plants from attack from soil borne pathogens (fungal attack) (Some enzymes produced have an antagonistic relationship with pathogenic fungi)

Rates of Application

Spring:                  100 – 150g/m² (in combination with scarification) where moss is prevalent

Spring:                  50 – 100g/m² where no moss

Autumn:              50 – 100g/m² as potassium fertiliser

After application, wait 2-3 days before cutting grass

Application is possible immediately after mowing

In dry conditions (1 week without rain) watering is recommended