Turf Care High N & Fe

9-0-0 + 11Fe

Our conventional granular turf tonics containing high levels of iron (Fe) for use on sports turf. Iron is essential to the plant; it is involved in chlorophyll synthesis, occurring in important proteins and enzymes. Iron is also involved in the photosynthetic process and in nitrogen fixation. The availability of iron increases with declining pH. Cell division in the developing leaf ceases with iron deficiency.

Our conventional mini granules are homogenous and we are proud to offer among the best plant nutrition products in the market today. Please note these products may have an adverse effect on moss.

Turf Care High N & Fe Delivers rapid green up.

The following nutrients are applied per m² @ at 50g/m²:  2.7g N+ 3.3g Fe

Available as mini granules (1-2.5mm)

  • 20kg
  • 25kg

Application guidelines

Turf grass
30 - 35 g/m²
714 – 830m²

Application notes

Please note this product may have an adverse effect on moss.