Lawn Sand 3-0-0+7Fe


Our Lawn Sand is the finest on the market.  Using specially graded and dried sand, we blend in the Nitrogen and Iron using high quality products from UK & Europe.

  • Spread more easily
  • Are less moist
  • Contain more Fe (Iron) and lower application rates than many of our competitors
  • More economical to use
  • Less handling
  • More effective than others


The ideal economic first dressing for lawns, applied in the Spring, greens up the grass and helps to control the growth of moss.  Do not cut the grass for at least 4 days after application to allow product to dissolve.  If dry weather persists, water with hosepipe.  As a precaution, keep children and pets away from treated areas for 72hrs.  Store unused product in original packaging in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, food stuffs, and out of reach of children.  Do not apply on concrete stones or near garden ornaments as this will result in discolouration.

Recommended application rate is 60g per m²