Advanced Natural Methodology

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Angus Horticulture have been at the forefront of the move to natural turf management; Advanced Natural Methodology. We believe the future lies in understanding and holistic management of root zones to nurture beneficial soil microbes. We have many years of experience in formulating, producing and using our BioActive and BioActive ProloNg products along with our Liquid Amendments and Root Zone Amendments. While not advocating the complete suspension of chemical nutrients we have repeatedly demonstrated that it is possible to significantly reduce chemical inputs when our Advanced Natural Methodology products and principles are employed. Fungicides in particular are frequently not required at all!

BioActive products integrated with a planned programme for grass management enable sports turf managers to improve sward quality, plant health, playing surface and establishment of newly seeded areas. The range of products is now selling throughout Europe and word of mouth is promoting continually increased sales for this outstanding range of products.

Working with nature, encouraging natural biology to develop and thrive is where BioActive works best. When developing these fungal and bacterial colonies it’s important to protect and nurture this natural life that so improves root zones, plant health and nutrient availability. Angus Horticulture produce a range of reduced and low salt fertilisers that ensure the best possible outcome for plant and microbial life.