Liquid Amendments

Our range of Advanced Natural Methodology products include a series of Liquid Amendments.
These are fantastic products to holistically improve soil structure and nutrient uptake while nurturing beneficial soil microbes.


Angus Humic & Fulvic Acid Improves soil structure, nutrient exchange and uptake
Angus Liquid Turf Tonic, Fish Blood & Bone 8 – 8 – 7 + 0.3% MgO + 1.3% CaO + 2.7% SO3 + TE
Angus Phosphite™ 0-35-32 w/v [0-25-22.5 w/w]
Angus Liquid PotSi™ Potassium silicate, 14% w/w K₂O + 7% Si + humates
Bio SeaHum™ Quality seaweed extract with humic acids
Angus SeaAmino™ Top quality seaweed extract fortified with amino acids
Angus AquaEasy™ Advanced technology wetting agent
Angus Auchmithie 100% organic plant extract with high quality seaweed