Angus Phosphite™

Phosphorus with a difference    0-35-32 w/v              

Angus Phosphite is formulated specifically to encourage healthy growth, good colour, fast root establishment and disease resistance.  Easily tank mixed with a wide range of plant nutrients and crop protection products Angus Phosphite works on all grass types to produce the best results when used in conjunction with the provision of all necessary plant nutrients and soil requirements.

  • Increased plant and root development
  • Provides a quick start to rooting even in cold & wet conditions
  • An excellent plant tonic giving a boost/perk to the plant at any time
  • Thickens cell walls, increasing plant health and reducing susceptibility from cold and disease pressure
  • Phosphite [PO3] is highly mobile within the plant, especially in the phloem and therefore very efficient
  • Safe to use
  • Compatible with most agrochemicals

Unlike nearly all the phosphorus that is widely used in horticulture and agriculture this phosphorus is not in the form of phosphate!  It is instead a much more freely available and highly mobile within the plant form called phosphite; just one less oxygen molecule [PO3 not PO4] making a huge difference to the efficiency of that phosphorus applied.  Best applied as a foliar application it is quickly absorbed translaminally, mobilized in the phloem and taken to the roots where root activity is increased, root growth promoted and nutrient uptake through the roots improved.


A chain reaction within the plant stimulating phytoalexins, SAR genes, etc., result in thicker cell walls meaning that plants are stronger, hardier and better able to withstand stress from disease pressure.  Our turf tonics are not fungicides, but it may be possible to reduce the use of fungicides when used in conjunction with potassium phosphite.  Please consult your FACTS & BASIS qualified Angus Horticulture agronomist for further advice.

Phosphite delivers essential phosphorus in a form that helps to boost plant health by maximizing enzyme potential to fight off infection in periods of stress from disease.


When tank mixing, bucket test first to ensure compatibility.


Available in 10 litre containers

  • 10L

Application guidelines

Standard use
5 litres / hectare in 200 – 500 litres of water
For times of rooting encouragement, disease pressure or for winter protection
5 litres / hectare in 200 – 500 litres of water
10 – 14 day interval

Application notes

Best used as a foliar feed but also has benefits used as a root drench