Compost Teas have been used for many years throughout the world and with significant benefits when brewed and used with education and understanding.  Angus Horticulture is pleased to encourage this use of natural biology and by using Angus BioActive CT Activators turf managers can easily produce high quality and economical compost teas.


  • Boost natural microbial content in root zones
  • Increasing root mass
  • Reduce damage from disease
  • Enhanced nutrient assimilation by the plant
  • Maintain healthy microbiology in the turf root zone environment
  • Improves disease resistance and stress tolerance
  • Safe and ideal for regular application throughout the growing season
  • Improves soil / root zone structure


In order to get the best from any compost tea brew, it’s important to add to the mix ingredients that encourage the specific type of biology that you’re looking to mobilise; that’s what Angus BioActive CT Activators facilitate.  We advocate using compost from your own site (the best is often found under trees) where local strains (rather than imported foreign strains) of beneficial fungi and bacteria are likely to be the best for your environment.  Where this isn’t available Angus Horticulture can supply a high quality VermiCompost.  With compost in the brewer, then choose a fungal or bacterial brew and add the required CT Activator.


  • 2L

Application guidelines

Up to 500 litres of tea
use 1 litre of BioActive CT Activator
For 500-1,000 litres of tea
use 2 litre of BioActive CT Activator