Our Angus BioActive products are central to our Advanced Natural Methodology. We have been at the forefront of the move to natural turf management and now have many years of experience in formulating, producing and using. While not advocating the complete suspension of chemical nutrients we do believe and have demonstrated that it is possible to significantly reduce chemical inputs. Fungicides, in particular  are often not required at all.

Using Angus BioActive as part of a planned programme for grass management enables sports turf managers to improve sward quality, plant health, playing surface and establishment of newly seeded areas. The range of products is now selling throughout Europe and word of mouth is promoting continually increased sales for this outstanding range of products.

Working with nature, encouraging natural biology to develop and thrive is where Angus BioActive works best. Once developing these fungal and bacterial colonies it’s important to protect and nurture this natural life that so improves our root zones, plant health and nutrient availability. Angus Horticulture produce a range of reduced and low salt fertilisers that ensure the best possible outcome for plant and microbial life.


BioActive TE  Chelated trace elements with carbohydrates and humates
BioActive Invigo™ 7-2-3 + TE + humates + carbohydrates (more than 95% organic)
BioActive MolTurf® Concentrated carbohydrates for faster playing surfaces
BioActive Seaweed Aqueous extract of concentrated seaweed
BioActive FerroCarb™ Liquid iron complexed with natural carbohydrates
BioActive Maxim™ Concentrated liquid humic and fulvic acids
BioActive CT Activator, Fungal Probiotic blend to encourage beneficial fungi in soil
BioActive CT Activator, Bacterial Probiotic for enhancement of beneficial bacteria in soil
BioActive Express™ Phosphite 4-25-9 w/w; for establishment of turf surfaces from seed
BioActive Infiltrate™ Yucca extract, organic wetting agent
BioActive RZ™ Root zone improver with beneficial fungi and bacteria
BioActive Magnet™ Clinoptilolite; retain nutrients and moisture in sand based root zones
BioActive Thatch Reduce™ Blend of natural fungi and bacteria for degradation of organic matter
BioActive AquaClear™ Prevent algal bloom by removing nitrogen and phosphorus from water
BioActive AcidipHier™ Naturally occurring, chelating agent to improve nutrient uptake