A carefully selected amalgamation of fungal and bacterial species formulated to efficiently break down thatch.  Provided in an easily applied dispersible powder, this product will effectively remove unwanted organic matter, releasing humus and nutrients to the root zone.


  • Effectively reduces thatch in all sports turf situations
  • Optimises organic matter degradation
  • Increases humus content in the root zone
  • Releases nutrients for plant assimilation
  • Improves root zone structure
  • Reduces requirement for mechanical thatch removal, so less playing surface disruption
  • Prevents build up of excessive organic matter in turf grass surfaces


For best results apply BioActive MolTurf®  soon after application of BioActive Thatch Reduce™ at a rate of 20 litres/ha.

BioActive Thatch Reduce is not a fertiliser and should be used as part of a fully planned and monitored fertility programme.


Available in 1kg sachets

  • 1kg

Application guidelines

Where thatch is present
250g - 1kg per ha in 200 - 400 litres water
Repeat after four weeks where thatch is prevalent.