This homogenized blend of plant extracts provides a superb organic based feed for all grass surfaces with the added advantage of the inclusion of iron (Fe) complexed with carbohydrates and humates.  Formulated with more than 95% organic or natural raw materials, providing both readily available and slow release macro and secondary nutrients.


BioActive Invigo™

  • Improves turf density, root density and enhances plant colour
  • Enhanced plant uptake of all major nutrients for strong plant growth
  • Encourages healthy microbiology in the turf root zone environment
  • Improves disease resistance & stress tolerance
  • Fast recovery times
  • Low salt formulation
  • Safe & ideal for regular application throughout the growing season


Available in 10 litre containers

  • 10L
  • 200L
  • 1000L

Application guidelines

All sports turf surfaces
50 - 150 litres/ha applied in 300 - 500 litres water
Throughout the growing period

Application notes

*When tank mixing we strongly recommend a simple ‘bucket test’ prior to application in order to confirm compatibility.