BioActive ProloNg

Healthy soil with a balanced, beneficial microbial community is key for the ultimate, sustainable performance turf. We believe our Advanced Natural Methodology products and management guidelines are the future of sports amenity grass. Angus Horticulture have been at the forefront of the move to natural turf management and we have years of experience in formulating, producing and using our top quality Advanced Natural Methodology products.

BioActive ProloNg® fertilisers are formulated to overcome the problem of loss of applied nitrogen (N) by volatilisation, denitrification and subsequent leaching while building soil microbial communities. We have BioActive ProloNg® for all sports turf applications. The results from these powerfully nourishing products are the best pitches, greens and courses we’ve ever seen. Turf shows excellent health, recovery and resilience to stress, drought and pathogens. BioActive ProloNg® are sold throughout Europe and word of mouth continues to drive increasing sales for this outstanding range.

BioActive ProloNg® fertilisers are formulated to overcome the problem of loss of applied nitrogen (N) by volatilisation, denitrification and subsequent leaching and are ideal for all sports turf applications while building the soil microbial communities.

Researchers estimate up to 50% of nitrogen applied worldwide is lost to the environment rather than utilised by plants. The naturally occurring enzyme ‘urease’ works to break down urea into a form that can volatilise causing a loss of nitrogen. Leaching of nitrate can also be a significant loss and damaging to the environment. BioActive ProloNg® uses technology that actively shields and manages nitrogen in the soil at molecular level. The shield prevents the action of urease on applied nitrogen and slows nitrification. This allows the plant improved access to stable forms of nitrogen throughout the growing season and without destroying the spectrum of naturally occurring soil bacteria and enzymes. BioActive ProloNg® technology is biodegradable, water soluble and leaves no adverse environmental footprint.

BioActive ProloNg®, by preventing nitrification, eliminates lush plant uptake of nitrates. This results in less flushes of unwanted growth, reduction in soft tissue (stored protein in leaves) and therefore reduced disease susceptibility. BioActive ProloNg® manages your nitrogen increasing nitrogen use efficiency, enabling prolonged availability of applied nitrogen and ensuring root zone bio-diversity is maintained.

Benefits of BioActive ProloNg® include:

  • Prolonged nitrogen availability from single application
  • Improved utilisation and plant take up of applied nitrogen
  • Promotion of tillering, increasing sward density
  • Reduced waste nitrogen resulting in improved cost efficiency and reduced environmental impact by:
    • Preventing volatilisation
    • Slowing down nitrification
    • Preventing leaching
  • Reduces unwanted growth flushes
  • Safe, reduced scorch susceptibility formulations
  • Reduces soft lush growth and disease susceptibility
  • Protects water courses from nitrate pollution (less algae growth in ponds/lakes)
  • Discourages annual grasses in greens (e.g. Poa annua) – promotes perennial grasses
  • Can safely be applied at any time of year when conditions allow
  • Low salt formulations improving root zone environment and enhancing root activity
  • Range of granule sizes, pricing and formulations, to meet every turf managers requirements
  • Proven technology, with scientific explanation;
  • Excellent grass colour

Many times over, users have reported healthier swards of better colour; this is due to the fact that when nitrogen is applied, at whatever time of year, with BioActive ProloNg® technology the plant will only assimilate its nitrogen requirements in the form of ammonium. The plant therefore has enough, but not too much nitrogen and is stronger/sturdier, healthier/less susceptible to damage (physical or disease pressure) and of improved appearance. There’s no more requirement for ‘artificial green-ups’ using products like iron sulphate.