12-0-15 + 3% MgO + 4% CaO + 6% SO₃ + 1% Fe

ProloNg® nitrogen efficiency technology in our high quality, homogenous, mini granular fertiliser range, specifically formulated for high quality fine turf.

  • Low salt formulations
  • Especially formulated to encourage and maintain healthy root zones, looking after the biota
  • 100% of nitrogen is treated with ProloNg® technology
  • Safe to use throughout the year

75% of nitrogen (N) as ammonium with ProloNg® technology

25% of nitrogen (N) as urea with ProloNg® technology

100% of potash from potassium sulphate


Potential longevity in spring/summer application, 8-10 weeks; autumn; winter application, 4-5 months, based on recommended application rates. Longevities and are purely a guide, as plant variety and density, environmental conditions and timing of application will dictate nitrogen use and therefore the speed in which applied nitrogen is utilised.


Nutrients applied per m² @ 50g/m²

6g N – 7.5g K₂O + 1.5g MgO + 2g CaO + 3g SO₃ + 0.5g Fe

1-2.5mm granules