Balanced consortium of mycorrhizae fungi in root zone. Increased mineral nutrient uptake, increased plant stress tolerance, pest and disease resistance.

BioActive RZ™ combines beneficial microbes with a vegetable based source of continuous release micro-nutrients, trace minerals, fulvic and humic acids.  BioActive RZ™ is carefully graded to ensure each particle contributes to the retention of moisture and nutrients in the soil.  Mycorrhizae establish a symbiotic relationship with turf grass roots and a strong establishment results in mycorrhizae taking up nutrients from a far greater area than roots can reach.  Mycorrhizae function in low pH environments and nutrient uptake is not affected by pH fluctuations in sand root zones.  Mycorrhizae also provide a barrier to soil pests, e.g. nematodes, and help to control this important pest through their own defense capabilities.


  • Applied nutrients are used more efficiently, particularly in low pH root zones
  • Enables turf roots to make better use of water
  • Protection from pest & disease attack
  • Increased establishment of new turf grass surfaces
  • Increase plant stress tolerance & recovery
  • Increased root mass and plant growth rates
  • 20kg
  • 600kg

Application guidelines

Pre-seeding & new turf
1-2 tonnes/ha
Single application to seed-bed before final preparation for sowing or turfing
Established turf
0.5 - 1 tonne/ha
Single application. Aerate turf before application.