High quality clinoptilolite for retention of nutrients and water and buffering of pH in sand-based root zones

BioActive Magnet™ is a high quality clinoptilolite processed from volcanic material that also contains potassium and magnesium nutrients.  BioActive Magnet™ increases nutrient retention and reduces fertilizer requirements in the root zone by increasing the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and establishing a sustainable, balanced nutrient supply.  The attached nutrients in BioActive Magnet™ attract soil microbes which use the substrate to feed on, and high microbial populations are rapidly established.  BioActive Magnet is ideal for use in combination with Compost Tea.  Moisture retention is also increased because of the porous structure of the material.  BioActive Magnet™ maintains and improves the ability of the root zone to drain, provide aeration and to withstand intense traffic.


BioActive Magnet™, applied either by top dressing to existing turf grass surfaces, or used as an amendment on new constructions, has the following benefits;


  • Helps to establish soil microbe populations
  • Absorption of soluble nitrogen and potassium leads to reduced leaching of key nutrients into waterways
  • A high ion-exchange capability helps to save on fertilizer costs
  • Porous granules increase soil aeration resulting in healthier turf
  • Improves seed germination rates
  • Robust granules resist soil compaction


In addition, the use of BioActive Magnet™ as a perch layer on top of course backfill when installing drainage systems will minimise the loss of nutrients to ground water, helping to reduce nitrogen pollution and eutrophication.


Available in 20kg bags and bulk bags

  • 20kg
  • 1000kg

Application guidelines

Seeding/new turf
1 - 4 tonnes per hectare to the seed bed
before final preparation for sowing or laying turf
Established turf
0.5 - 1 tonne per hectare
after aeration practices