Organic wetter and anti-stress agent

BioActive Infiltrate™ is a natural plant extract containing surface tension breaking saponins.  It improves water spread and penetration, and alleviates stress conditions.  By affecting water movement and uptake in the root zone it also improves nutrient absorption.  BioActive Infiltrate™ is a natural biostimulant, which increases biological activity in the soil and stimulates plant growth and development.


Why choose BioActive Infiltrate?

Because it is a natural wetter Yucca Extract can be applied as foliar spray or drenched via irrigation system to:

  • Improve water and fertiliser penetration
  • Soften hard, compacted soils
  • Reduce surface tension of foliar sprays
  • Improve uptake of foliar feeds and trace elements
  • Improve performance of pesticides
  • Improve seed germination

BioActive Infiltrate™ is particularly useful in helping plants to overcome high stress conditions such as:

  • Excessive wear
  • Insufficient water availability through poor penetration or excess percolation
  • High alkaline or acidity
  • Temperature extremes
  • Drought

Available in 5 & 10 litre bottles


We cannot predict or guarantee tank mix success for any product; always conduct a bucket test to confirm compatibility.

  • 5L
  • 10L

Application guidelines

High volume application
3 litres/ha in irrigation water
Fortnightly while required
Foliar application
100ml/100 litres of spray solution
With other foliar sprays