A combination of natural bacteria that restrict availability of nutrients to algae in water.

BioActive AquaClear™ uses natural bacterial ability to utilize phosphorus and nitrogen compounds for growth.  Organic wastes of pond life and fertiliser run-off results in soluble phosphorus and nitrogen that stimulate the overgrowth of algae.


  • Helps maintain balanced eco-system in lakes & ponds
  • Prevents the development of algae bloom
  • Reduces harmful organic waste
  • Maintains healthy, clean & clear water


Bacteria can use very simple compounds as food nutrient sources.  They actively grow on fertiliser and excreta.  Nitrogen and phosphorus are used by bacteria in very similar ways to that of simple plants, such as algae.  Unlike algae, most bacteria do not require sunlight for energy and some do not even need oxygen.  The breakdown of carbon compounds in the environment provides the energy needed for bacteria.  These carbon compounds, if derived from solely organic sources, may not be adequate for metabolism of large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus.  Bacteria require a balanced diet complete with micronutrients for optimum growth.  BioActive AquaClear™ provides these missing components along with strains of bacteria that can naturally metabolise the excess nitrogen and phosphorus in the pond eco-system.


By deriving energy from carbon compounds rather than from photosynthesis, bacteria can work day and night, thus they do not cause diurnal variation in dissolved oxygen characteristic of large algae populations.  This nutrient removal ability without the need of sunlight, gives bacteria a substantial advantage in the utilisation of nutrients.  BioActive AquaClear™ is not an algaecide, it is a blend of natural micro-organisms and growth accelerators that remove excess nutrients from the water column.


Some bacteria known as facultative anaerobes do not require free nitrogen and grow by utilising compounds such as Nitrate (NO3) as an oxygen substitute in their metabolic process.  These bacteria not only use ammoniacal nitrogen as a building block but by using nitrogen compounds as an energy source they also help to maintain a balanced pond eco-system by limiting the levels of nitrogen compounds.  Bacteria will help eliminate many harmful components that may be found in pond water.  Clean and clear water with the extra bonus of increased oxygen content are some benefits of the bacterial treatment.

BioActive AquaClear™ may cause temporary elevation in demand of oxygen during initial use.


Available in 250g sachets


  • 250g

Application guidelines

Initial dosage
2.2kg per 1,000 m3
Apply directly to area to be treated.
Maintenance dose
368g per 1,000 m3
Every two weeks until desires results are acheived

Application notes

*When tank mixing we strongly recommend a simple ‘bucket test’ prior to application in order to confirm compatibility.