High concentration liquid humic and fulvic acids


Increases CEC of sand root zones and improves fertiliser longevity


BioActive Maxim™ is made from naturally occurring organic substances that come from a mix of microbial action on plants and ancient deposits of plant origin.  BioActive Maxim™ is a plant stimulant and soil amendment and should always be used as part of a standard fertility program to improve nutrient retention in the root zone and utilisation by plants.  BioActive Maxim™ is an easy spray formulation and is a simple and effective way of improving root zones by detoxifying pesticide and heavy metal residues.


The high-molecular weight humic substances in BioActive Maxim™ alter the physical characteristics of root zones.  Humates influence soil fertility through its effect on the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil and can also act as a buffer by preventing rapid changes in root zone pH.


The low-molecular weight humic substance, fulvic acids and fulvates, are involved in chemical reactions in the soil.  Microorganisms are needed in the soil to create fulvic acids and make important contributions to stimulating plant metabolism leading to greatly improved plant growth and micronutrient uptake.

Benefits of BioActive Maxim™:

  • Remediation of salt affected turf grass surfaces
  • Assistance in seed germination and growth
  • Improved development of roots and shoots
  • Resistance of plants to fungal attack
  • Enhanced uptake of nutrients
  • Stimulation of plant metabolism
  • Increased drought tolerance
  • Participation in synthesis of new minerals
  • 10L

Application guidelines

Soil based root zones
20 - 40 litres/ha in 200 - 400 litres water
Apply three times a year
Sand based root zones
20 - 40 litres/ha in 200 - 400 litres water
Apply four to six times a year

Application notes

When tank mixing we strongly recommend a simple ‘bucket test’ prior to application in order to confirm compatibility.