Angus Liquid PotSi™

Enhances the grass plants growth, strength and health

14%w/w potassium oxide (K2O), 7% silicon (Si) + humates

When it comes to plant nutrition Silicon is often referred to as the forgotten element. In fact Silicon plays a vital role within plant structure improving plant growth, strength and health.

When silicon enters the plant it accumulates around the epidermis of roots and shoots where it forms a silicon gel that, in combination with calcium and pectins help to strengthen and stabilise cell walls. The silica moves between cell walls and is also laid down in the epidermal cells. Silica is deposited in the endodermis of roots. The presence of silica in the plant decreases evapo-transpiration thus improving tolerance to heat and drought. Tests have shown that plants deposit silicon at the site of fungus infections to combat penetration of cell walls by fungal spores. Silicon maximizes plants’ natural production of phytoalexin compounds which resist invasion by pathogens.

The use of Angus Liquid PotSi™ is formulated for fast and effective assimilation into plant tissues. This product is safe to use on a wide range of plants as well as amenity grass, please contact your Angus Horticulture advisor for specific recommendations.

Angus Liquid PotSi™ offers the following benefits:
• Stronger plant growth
• Thicker cell walls
• Improved leaf erectness
• Reduction in the likelihood of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) toxicity
• Reduces susceptibility to attack from pathogens & sucking insects
• Increases resistance to water and temperature stress


  • 10L

Application guidelines

For use on amenity turf
5 litres / ha in 500–800 litres of water