Seaweed Meal




Angus Seaweed Meal is 100% Ascophyllum nodosum harvested from the Atlantic Ocean.

Our product offers the following benefits:

  • Promotes stress resistant healthy sward
  • Increases soil fertility
  • Reduces requirements for chemical fertiliser
  • Useful source of organic carbon
  • Contains carbohydrates, amino acids, protein and vitamins all essential for healthy soils
  • Carbohydrates in Ascophyllum nodosum improves aeration & soil structure, especially in clay soils
  • Excellent moisture retention properties


Apply to all vegetable and flower growing areas to improve soil and crop quality.  For lawns, we recommend Angus Seaweed Meal is used in the root zone before seeding or turfing or with a top dressing into hollow cores after aeration.
Applied to root zone in spring and autumn 35-70 g/m2

20kg bag treats 286-571 m2