Turf Rise Fertilisers

Turf Rise Fertilisers have been specially formulated by Angus Horticulture to supply all required nutrients to fine turf throughout the growing season. The micro granules offer an extremely high quality product with the added advantage of better spreading ensuring a more even grass response in both growth and colour.

All products in this range are 100% homogeneous, meaning that all nutrients are in each granule thus ensuring excellent results. The range not only contains an ideal balance of N, P & K but also Mg, Fe & Ca and in addition to this we incorporate seaweed into the granules to offer added benefits.


Turf Rise Spring Rise 10-4-4 + 4MgO + 3Fe + 8CaO + seaweed [2.25% nitric N]
Turf Rise Summer Rise 8-0-4 + 2MgO + 8CaO + seaweed
Turf Rise Autumn Rise 3-0-22 + 4MgO + 3Fe + 6CaO + seaweed