Turf Rise SRN liquid slow release nitrogen

Turf Rise SRN Liquid Fertilisers – slow release nitrogen (SRN) in liquid formulation

A highly efficient slow release nitrogen fertiliser, suitable for application on all fine turf and sports fields. Turf Rise SRN Liquid fertilisers offer a range of formulations with 60% of the nitrogen (N) in each product being slow release (MU).

Turf Rise SRN Liquid fertilisers provide genuinely slow release nitrogen for worry-free foliar application and long lasting root zone treatment.


Turf Rise SRN 28-0-0
Turf Rise SRN 18-3-6 & TE
Turf Rise SRN 15-0-10 & 0.2%
Turf Rise SRN 12-0-15 & TE