Turf Care High K & Fe

4-0-8 + 4Fe

The Turf Care range has been specially formulated by Angus Horticulture to give adequate nutrition to all fine turf. The products in this range are a balanced complex of granules, manufactured for ease of application, keeping plant scorch to a minimum. The product spreads evenly on exposed areas, whilst monthly applications will help reduce plant stress, with the iron ensuring a rich green colour, and the magnesium along with potassium ensuring good cell structure within the plant, allowing maximum chlorophyll production.

Turf Care High K & Fe has 100% of nitrogen as ammoniacal

Nutrients applied per m² @ 50g/m² 2g N – 0g P2O5 – 4g K2O +  2g Fe

  • Mini (1 – 2.5mm) or micro (0.5 – 1.5mm) granules for superb results every time
  • Homogenous granules for even nutrient distribution