Turf Care Fertilisers

Turf Care Fertilisers have been specially formulated by Angus Horticulture to give adequate nutrition to all fine turf throughout the growing season. The products in this range are a balanced complex of granules, manufactured for ease of application, keeping plant scorch to a minimum. The product spreads evenly on exposed areas, whilst monthly applications will help reduce plant stress, with the iron ensuring a rich green colour, and the magnesium along with potassium ensuring good cell structure within the plant, allowing maximum chlorophyll production.

All products in this range are 100% homogenous, meaning that all nutrients are in each granule thus ensuring excellent results. A range of formulations mean there is a product for every situation, and we can also manufacture bespoke products on request.

Turf Care Spring & Summer 12-3-9 + 2MgO + 2Fe
Turf Care High N, Summer 14-0-7 + 3MgO + 2Fe
Turf Care Autumn & Winter 3-0-12 + 2MgO + 2Fe
Turf Care Spring & Summer, Zero Phosphate 12-0-9 + 2MgO + 2Fe
Turf Care High K & Fe 4-0-8 + 4Fe
Turf Care High K & Mg 0-0-30 + 6MgO + 12SO₃
Turf Care High P mini Pre-Seeder 5-15-8 + 6MgO + 11CaO + 14SO₃