Angus Sports Turf Root Developer

For rapid development and lower cost maintenance of seeded or turfed sports surfaces

Angus Sports Turf Root Developer is a high quality inoculant containing a range of different species of beneficial endo-mycorrhizae and a range of beneficial bacteria species. Containing 50,000 propagules/g of mycorrhizae and 10⁷ of bacteria (20 different species & strains) in an optimised ratio, Angus Sports Turf Root Developer provides an ideal solution for populating root zone soils and establishing biological activity.

Our product offers the following benefits:
• Faster grow in and establishment of new greens and pitches
• Promotes establishment and longevity of fine grasses
• Stimulates and promotes root growth increasing root mass
• Enhances nutrient uptake
• Increases plant tolerance to drought and stress conditions
• Healthy grass is less susceptible to damage and recovers faster from disease

The soil in new sand-dominated sports pitches is almost sterile. Angus Sports Turf Root Developer contains live spores of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, growth-promoting soil fungi and bacteria, carbon, and organic soil nutrients to kick-start the soil’s natural food web. This is essential for rapid establishment of newly seeded or turfed areas and to improve grass root growth and stress recovery.
Mycorrhizae are essential for grass health, attaching to the roots, they can increase the surface area for nutrient and water uptake by over 300%.

Bent, fescue and rye grasses rely heavily on mycorrhizal and other soil fungi for survival in nature. In sports turf, levels of mycorrhizae are low or non-existent due to near sterile soils, compaction, chemical and high inorganic nutrient use. The result is a weakened sward, which suffers more from drought stress, nutrient leaching, and disease and is quickly dominated by Poa annua, a grass that relies less on mycorrhiza for its survival in sports turf environments and more on seed head production.

Precautions: Mycorrhizal fungi are susceptible to some systemic fungicides that may adversely affect activity.
Mycorrhizal fungi are effective in the soil with a pH between 3.5 & 8.0.

For best results use low salt fertilisers;
e.g. Angus Turf Rise Granular or Angus BioActive ProloNg® mini low salt fertilisers.


  • 1kg

Application guidelines

Seeding or turfing
1-2kg/ha incorporated into the top 10mm of the root zone
immediately before seeding or turfing
Existing turf
Micro tine turf and apply at 1kg/ha diluted in water and use low pressure application equipment.
Water in immediately and again the following day in the absence of rain.

Application notes

Apply during the growing season only. Grass grown in a biologically active root zone needs less fertiliser, especially lower phosphate values than usual. We recommend that available phosphate does not exceed 15ml/kg in the soil.