Natural soil amendment rich in humic acids

Our HumiGranule™ is granulated using naturally occurring material that is extremely rich in humic substances. It contains both humic and fulvic acids.

  • Improves soil structure
  • Increases nutrient exchange and retention, CEC within root zones
  • Stimulates microbial growth
  • Improves nutrient absorption & increases nutrient uptake, especially micro nutrients
  • Stabilizes pH
  • Increases stress tolerance within the plant
  • Increases root development
  • Improves seed germination
  • Easily applied through fertilizer spinners or top dressing equipment
  • A source of energy for soil microbes present in the root zone
  • A source of organic carbon necessary for healthy root zones
  • Enhances shoot and root growth in turf
  • Greater chlorophyll content


Total Humus content: 80% minimum

Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC): 600 meq

Granule size: 1-2mm or 1-5mm

Angus HumiGranule™ is a soil amendment and not a fertiliser. As such it should always be used as part of a standard fertility program. Always read and follow label instructions.


  • 20kg

Application guidelines

750kg – 1000kg/ha annually
applied in 4-6 equal monthly applications
Tees, fairways and sports pitches
500kg – 1000kg/ha annually
applied in 4-6 equal monthly applications