Elite Speciality Liquids

Range of liquid products some of which target a spectra of issues such as mineral deficiencies, increase plants’ stress resistance and improve uptake of minerals. Another in this range is Angus Downcast, a non-pesticidal which is used to encourage worms deeper into soil to reduce surface worm casts.


Angus ChelTE 20SO₃ + 27.2MgO + 1.45Fe EDTA + .8Mn + .21B + .6Zn + .18Cu + .1Mo
Angus Downcast™ Non-pesticidal, encourages worms away from surface
Angus Robust™ Fast uptake calcium and magnesium
Angus Premium Blue Concentrated blue spray pattern indicator dye
Angus Potassium Acetate 32% K₂O w/v (25% K₂O w/w)
Magnesium Chelate 4.8% Magnesium Oxide (MgO) – 2.9% Magnesium (Mg) w/v
Calcium Chelate 8.4% Calcium Oxide (CaO) – 6% Calcium (Ca) w/v + 1.5% K₂O
Iron Chelate EDTA 6% complexed ferrous sulphate solution
Zinc Chelate 6% Zinc (Zn) w/v
Manganese Chelate 6% Manganese (Mn) w/v
Copper Chelate 3% Copper (Cu) w/v
Boron Complexed With Ethanolamine 15% Boron (B)