Angus Premium Blue

Concentrated blue spray pattern indicator dye

Our concentrated blue spray-pattern indicator, Angus Premium Blue is a water soluble product for temporary highlighting of treated/sprayed areas and helps to flag up missed areas, blocked nozzles or areas of application overlap.

  • Concentrated formula for effective and economic application
  • Highly visible spray coverage
  • Water soluble to ensure no permanent staining
  • Missed areas are quickly & easily identified
  • Reduces risk of overlapping
  • Quickly shows up spray inaccuracies & inefficiencies for immediate correction
  • Non-irritant formulation


  • 1L
  • 10L

Application guidelines

100 litres of spray solution
125ml Angus Premium Blue
800 litres of spray solution
1 litre Angus Premium Blue

Application notes

Compatible with most amenity spray products, but we always recommend testing first.