Angus Potassium Acetate

31% K₂O w/v (24% K₂O w/w)

A unique, high analyses potassium foliar feed containing liquid energy providing rapid response in turf. Angus Potassium Acetate is absorbed by the grass plant providing a boost to plant vigour and stimulating soil biology. This helps to improve rootzone health, reducing disease susceptibility within the plant and improving nutrient assimilation.

Ideal for autumn and winter applications treated turf is energized and regular treatments ensure healthy levels of potassium (K) are supplied to the plant. The result being healthy grass plants with turgid cells; strong and ready for cold weather and potential disease pressure.

Benefits include:

  • Liquid formulation for easy handling and application
  • 5x more efficient plant utilization
  • Formulated for speedy plant uptake and maximum effect
  • Tougher plants for healthier sward
  • High K formulation for lower application requirements
  • Highly soluble K source that’s mobile within the plant
  • Reduced risk of phytotoxic response
  • Increased biological activity in rootzone

0-0-31 w/v (24% K₂O w/w) (25.7% K w/v – 19.9% K w/w)

  • 10L
  • 200L
  • 1000L

Application guidelines

Spray according to plant requirements
20 litres / ha in 400 - 600 litres of water
As needed by turf

Application notes

Shake well before use. Store away from frost and direct sunlight.