14-1-7 + 3% MgO + 2% Fe + 4% CaO

90% of nitrogen (N) as ammonium with ProloNg® technology

10% of nitrogen (N) as urea with ProloNg® technology

100% of potash from muriate of potash

Potential longevity in spring/summer application, 2-3 months; autumn/winter application, 5-6 months. Based on recommended application rates and are purely a guide, as plant variety and density, environmental conditions and timing of application will dictate nitrogen use and therefore the speed in which applied nitrogen is utilised.

Nutrients applied per m² @ 50g/m² 7g N – 0.5g P2O5 – 3.5g K2O + 1g Fe +2g CaO

1-2.5mm granules

  • 20kg
  • 600kg

Application guidelines

For fairways and sports pitches
20kg bag treats 400m²