Turf Rise MU granular slow release nitrogen

15-1-15 + 1% MgO + 2.5% CaO + seaweed

For many years Angus Horticulture has manufactured granular fertilisers containing methylene urea (MU), these products have proved popular and successful in many situations where an extended availability of nitrogen (N) is required. They’re used on greens, tees and approaches as well as fairways and sports fields.

  • Methylene Urea (MU) reduces the loss of available nitrogen for plants
  • Reduces potential of nitrate ground water pollution
  • Increases natural soil/root zone fertility (source of organic carbon)
  • Reduces phytotoxicity and scorch potential
  • Rapid root development
  • Long lasting nitrogen up to 24 weeks
  • Nitrogen availability is synchronized with plant demand
  • Less nitrogen is lost to leaching and volatilisation, which reduces environmental impact
  • Predictable results for healthy, green grass plants
  • This range complements our ProloNg® range of nitrogen efficient fertilisers
  • Very low salt index

Ammoniacal nitrogen 6.75%, ureic nitrogen 8.25%. Including 8.25% of nitrogen as MU.

50% of potash from potassium sulphate which is slower release, lower salt and less prone to leaching.

Potential longevity of 12-18 weeks. Based on recommended application rates and are purely a guide, as plant variety and density, environmental conditions and timing of application will dictate nitrogen use and therefore the speed in which applied nitrogen is utilised.

Nutrients applied per m² @ 50g/m² 7.5g N – 0.5g P2O5 – 7.5g K2O + 0.5g MgO + 1.25g CaO

1-2.5mm granules

Angus Horticulture’s Turf Rise MU promotes high quality & healthy grass combined with encouraging healthy micro biology in your root zone.

  • 20kg

Application guidelines

Greens, tees, all sports turf