Concentrated liquid iron with carbohydrates. Environmentally safe formulation of liquid iron and natural carbohydrates

BioActive FerroCarb™ is a blend of carbohydrate extracts, amino acids, and iron in a true solution formulation. BioActive FerroCarb™ contains our unique blend of carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins for more effective penetration into the turf grass plant and utilisation in making chlorophyll molecules, and enhanced rooting and plant health. BioActive FerroCarb™ reduces moss formation, provides aesthetic greening up, and blends with all liquid products in the BioActive range. BioActive FerroCarb™ does not scorch turf grass leaves nor does it harm soil microbes when used at recommended rates. BioActive FerroCarb™ is ecologically safe and an effective green-up formulation for turf grass surfaces.  Applying BioActive FerroCarb™ outperforms straight ferrous sulphate. Main benefits of BioActive FerroCarb™ on turf grass surfaces:

  • Great colour for aesthetic appeal
  • Safe for soil microbes
  • Reduces moss formation
  • Enhanced rooting
  • Replaces the need for harmful ferrous sulphate
  • Easily tank mixed and applied with other treatments in the BioActive range

Application guidelines;

Apply 20 – 40 litres per hectare diluted in 400 litres of water as required

Do not tank mix where instructions for other manufacturer’s product(s) advise against use with stickers, wetters or other adjuvants.

Available in 10 litre containers